Busy times in Barbados

admin Caribbean Art Gallery

Barbados is certainly getting busy and so is my Gallery with people visiting to see my work from many countries.

It seem’s I am to be on television again next week as I have an exclusive exhibition of my work on and sponsored by Sotherby’s and West Coast Villas.

T.V Art and Culture representative Jewel Forde will be covering the event which I am delighted about.

It is to be held in my Gallery ‘Brocklands’ which is situated inland up on the West Coast.

My leisure time I like to do some fun things and to all who know me well I took up singing blues for pleasure two years ago. Last week I sang ‘ Summertime ‘ with Jerry Roberts, an amazing talented musician. He asked me if I could sing another song next week!! mmmmmh!!! watch this space! 🙂

adminBusy times in Barbados