Caribbean Artist, Caribbean Painting

Well my third mural is well on it’s way to completion and onto my fifth week creating her….

I receive many wonderful comments from people coming to the Coliseum Suite at the luxurious Nirvana Spa in Berkshire.

They say they are enjoying watching me paint as they relax floating in the circular oxygenated pool……. eagerly waiting for me to start ‘ Goddess Winter ‘ the next mural in line.

Each day it is a strange feeling knowing your being watched constantly but hey……that’s fine by me.

I am totally absorbed when I am painting, unaware of what is going on around me.

What I am doing is a form of performance art and I am loving it.

As I paint the finer detail of ‘Autumn’ her beauty commands attention where ever you stand to view her.

A royal crown of deep crimson berries adorn her silken red hair, she fills the whole space of the arched wall with her eternal beauty.

” The falling leaves of Autumn in all it’s golden glory gently float downward christening the earth with it’s array of the reds and orange tones in gentle harmony “

“ The closure of Autumn is but the rebirth of Winter to come.

Tall stemmed and pale coloured mushrooms known as ‘ Fairy Mushrooms ‘ dance and sway to the breeze and the small button mushrooms know as ‘ Amanita muscaria ‘ brilliant scarlet in colour with raised white spots cloak the ground in glorious splendour ”