The Protagonist Interview


A fascinating interview with Daen Palma Huse, Editor of The Protagonist, which left him feeling energised and enthusiastic about seeing the world with open eyes.

“A creative force of life of her own, Janice Sylvia Brock has fascinated the art world for several years now. Her paintings are at the White House and have been shown at the Saatchi Gallery. Most recently, she completed an impressive commission at Nirvana Spa, Wokingham. Janice Sylvia Brock’s “Goddesses of Life” came into being in four large-scale arches, which were revealed earlier this month.”READ MORE

The Protagonist Magazine offers in-depth articles about protagonists of stage, screen, and the art world. London-based editors Ram Shergill and Daen Palma Huse offer an insight into the world of fine art and fashion photography, illustration, and contemporary art in an eclectic mix. As a collectible hardback book, The Protagonist Magazine revives the tradition of luxury magazine publications such as The Yellow Book, The Savoy and The Magazine of Art which were published in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

JaniceThe Protagonist Interview