The Challenge

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My time in Barbados as always goes very fast but in November I had a terrible accident and shattered my elbow joint. This happens to be my painting arm which in my mind I thought my career as a painter was tragically over.

Life has been somewhat challenging. However because of the accident I now have no joint in my arm anymore and had to wear a hinged brace for a while.

I was determined to get back to my easel as soon as possible so into two weeks of breaking my elbow, I gulped down no end of pain killers and began to paint a self portrait including my broken arm in the picture. I now paint holding the brushes in two hands instead of one.

This piece above is what I call my minimalist work, the ‘oval’ faces are simple yet each tells a story within the face.

My expression on ‘The Challenge’ says it all! I will not be beaten! There was a small tear below my left eye but decided even though I felt that way, the tear had to go!

I titled the painting ‘ The Challenge’ This painting was sold immediately.

adminThe Challenge