The Comforter and Blue Twilight

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It is amazing how many people have purchased my new book ‘My Life on Canvas‘ saying they have read the book twice over and that my life story is so gripping in parts they could not put the book down. I am delighted of course, after all I had been writing it on and off since 1987!! Yes a big sigh of relief when I actually held this wonderfully substantial book in my hands for the first time. Part of one of my life’s ambitions completed.

I must add that one of the many blessings in my life are my amazing friends I have world wide. Each one so special and of course the joy of being an Artist I meet many people through my Art from around the globe.

I have an abundance of invitations to come and stay in their beautiful homes around the world. I must take them up on their very generous invitation which is definitely on my bucket list for the future.

A few years ago though I am an established Painter of Caribbean culture I began painting these wonderful and simplistic oval faces. At first my clients were surprised to see this intriguing work but then they couldn’t take their eyes of it that they just had to purchase one, two more!

The thrill for me when any of my paintings are sold is that they have gone to their rightful new owners for them to enjoy for many years to come. I do miss my paintings so much when they go…there is  so much of me in them, like all my work. They are my most inner thoughts of creation, they are everything I am.

Recently I sold pieces to a collector from Boston. ‘ The Comforter’ stole his heart and I felt the pull when I let him own this picture. I was quite emotional. I will feel the same pull on my heart strings when I part with ‘Blue Twilight’ recently sold. Both these pictures reminding me so strongly of the love and the motherly bond I had with my dear mother who died 7 years ago.

The pictures say it all.


‘The Comforter’

As a severely sick child in hospital I remember my mother was always stroking my hair, comforting me, helping me to get through the end of each difficult day. This painting is a powerful remembrance of the love shared by mother and daughter.


‘Blue Twilight’

‘Blue Twilight’ is a powerfully emotional piece. The stormy skies seen from the window does not encroach on the scene of tranquility inside the dwelling.  Nothing will ever separate the nurturing motherly love this mother has for her child. It was my mother.

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adminThe Comforter and Blue Twilight